Optical Jumper Cord

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Optical Attenuator

Optical Coupler

Optical Fiber Fan-Out Cord

Multi Fiber Assembly Cable

Optical Terminator Single-mode, Connector Plug type

Connector Parts

Optical Fiber Adaptor

Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration Cable Ass'y

Hybrid (Optical/Power) Rotary Module

MIL Connector

Hybrid(Different Core Diameters) Adaptor

Hybrid(Optical / Power) Connector

1✕N Planar Splitters

Fiber Arrays & Fanout Array Half Pitch(127)

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Optical Fiber Closure(HTS)

Optical Fiber Closure(HTM)

Optical Fiber Closure(HTL)

RN Optical Fiber Cable Connection Box

3mm/8mm Optical Fiber Cable Connection Box

Optical Jumper Cord
Feature   Applications
TIA / EIA 604 compatible
0.9 and 2.0 to 3.0mm cable compatible
Excellent flexibility and small bend radius
High tensile strength
Environmental stable
Customized length
Telecommunications- Telephony- LAN- Premises
  - Telephony
  - LAN
  - Premises
CATV Networks
Factory automation and office automation
Parameters Conditions Values
 Insertion loss(dB)  <0.3
 Return loss(dB)  PC>40, SPC>50, UPC>55
 APC  >65
 Durability(dB)  500matings  >0.2
 Operation temperature  -40~+85℃  <±0.2dB
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